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Welcome to Affirming God’s People UCC. We are a radically inclusive church, who believes in everyone’s right to worship in an open and affirming atmosphere. We encourage everyone to come as you are and enjoy the true love of worship within a free and open space.

We belive everyone is a child of God, which includes Hetrosexual, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Intersex, Transgender and Gender-non conforming individuals. If this problematic for you, then we are not the church for you. With the love of Chrsit, we respect your decision if you disagree with our theological stance of bringing all of God’s children to the table, but we will not change our beliiefs of welcoming everyone to the table, and we ask that you politely respect ours.

We are also a church that allows the whole specturm of class to come into the worship experience. Whether rich, middle class or poor, you are more than welcome to come and be a part of God's diversity!

"We are an imperfectly, perfect church inviting people to the table"

Our Intimate-style Worship Service is currently on Sunday's at 12:30 pm. Our worship service is followed by food and fellowship.