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Who We Are:

Affirming God's People UCC is part of the United Church of Christ. Even though we are in covenant with the Denomination, Conference and Association of the UCC, we maintain our own autonomy as a church. This means we govern our own church, with the guidance of the United Church of Christ. We choose who will pastor our church and who we will welcome through our doors. We choose how we will be invovled in the community around us.

Affirming God's People UCC is a church that welcomes everyone to come and worship with us. When we say everyone, we mean everyone, just as Jesus welcomed everyone to follow him. We welcome all sexual orientations, gender identities, races, classes, abilities, disabilities, ages, talents, etc...

We strive to be more than just a church. We believe we are a small community of people living in covenant with each other. We worship together, dine together, meet for activites together and work in the community doing ministry work together.

As individuals and a church who follows Jesus' commands, we believe in walking the walk. We actively engage in helping the least of these in our community. We help with feeding and clothing anyone in need, without prejudice. We believe in allowing everyone to come and worship with us on a Sunday morning. 

We believe in taking an active stand for social justice issues. We do not just talk about or read about it, but we are actively engaged in showing up whenever possible for marches, rallies, and making a change where possible within the community around us or by sharing resources with other organizations, to help people in need in other places around the world.

You Are Invited:

If you are interested in being a part of church that actually does the work and not just talk about it, then we would like to encourage you to come and check us out. Come and bring your talents and gifts to the altar and be a part of our Church community!